Hacknight #52: Judy Duncan from ACORN and Kate Collins

Fifty-second hacknight – 61 participants.

Presenters: Judy Duncan from ACORN and Kate Collins, formerly from The Toronto Star’s Digital Lab

{video to come}

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101: Matthew
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) help & sharing: Jessica {searching/planning}
  • Philanthropy 101: Ada {next steps / designers, nonprofits}
  • Section 37 funding transparency: Abdi {next steps / policy & planning}
  • Policing Complaint Dialogue: Zakaria {setting goals}
  • Mapping (healthcare) demand & supply: Oliver {mapping & data discovery}
  • Toronto Meshnet: Curtis {info/chatting}
  • Chat about data collection & housing: Judy & Kate
  • Chat about Atkinson Decent Work Fund: Jenn

Thanks to the Atkinson Foundation for dinner and for hosting us!

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  • ‘Wild women’ love enjoying themselves

    It’s not that the founder of the Wild Women Wise Women schedule planned it that way, But its annual fundraising event is a might only affair, With a small different or two.

    “We tried inviting men one year and we had to cancel because all the women that come said ‘we watch for this every year,'” described Rose Sexsmith, Owner of Rose’s beach Pub in The Delta Grand. “i don’t know why it was a women’s only thing, It just kind of become that,

    Part day, Part fundraising event and all completely fun, The 10th loved-one’s birthday of the women’s only event will be held June 19 at Hanna’s Lounge and Grill, Just upstairs from Sexsmith’s namesake venue.

    But unlike many a good cause events that, While they moldova beauty are known for honourable causes, Can be a bit staid naturally, this evening offers a chance for the women attending to relax and have a blast while supporting their community.

    “This is completely different, claimed Sexsmith. “It’s a night where girls only have fun. “We sing, We dance therefore we cry,

    started in 2004 by Sexsmith, The Wild Women Wise Women footings, Mostly through this, Has higher some $80,000 for local non revenue. this process year, persists will go to help Kelowna Women’s Shelter, Alexandra Gardners have, The Boys Girls Club and Karis small town.

    “over time, company, Women would say to me ‘I really want to be involved and I really like to help, I’d really like to an issue” asserted Sexsmith, Who came across the idea for the event, Though on a reduced scale, Some 10 years ago. “case another moldavian girls way of people getting together to do something; to help you,

    The theme this year is Divas Delight, With Sexsmith and the other 10 women on the organizing committee decked out as their favourite renowns.

    “i chose Mae West, suggested Sexsmith. “I love her because she was brave and she used her sex,

    No word yet whether Premier Christy Clark will be there she was a surprise guest at last year’s event but in any event, there are plenty for guests to enjoy.

    Each ticket comes with a free gift bag and glass of champagne on arrival, using tapas and wine from sponsors Summerhill Pyramid Winery and The View Winery, and “Divatini’s” from Smirnoff.

    in line with the dress up spirit and theme of the event, Okanagan Photo Star will capture all the fun with supporting photos and jazz chanteuse Anna Jacyszyn will entertain in her own inimitable diva style before DJ Larry Gray takes over to keep the dance floor filled for the evening.

    Attendees also get a chance to win a trip for two to anywhere sponsor airline WestJet flies and you might have a host of raffle prizes to boot, With three hunky guys selling arm length strips of seat tickets.

    A sampling of some of the other prizes up for grabs incorporate gift certificates to Face and other merchants at Orchard Park Mall, As well as just one more to Hotel Eldorado, A beauty package from contentment Esthetics, A custom outfit from le reve specialist, Gift baskets from CoCo boutique and a gift package of pampering from Vineyard Escapes B B.

    Along with all the goodies and all the other leisure, The evening will also feature a special return guest performance from a certain other “queen” Who proved to be big hit last year.

    “(S)He’s loved by each there, considered Sexsmith.

    in recent years, The event has seen Hanna’s filled with carefree women enjoying themselves and this edition should prove no different, But as the major fundraising event for the Wild Women Wise Women base, It’s also a way to give back to the community in unison.

    remember, The inclusive spirit of the event means we will see something for any lady to enjoy, No matter their age or social background walls.

    “yr after, There were four several years from one family, mentioned Sexsmith. “The youngest was 20 or 21, because oldest was 80 something. That was one of my decorations,

    With tickets tied to 200, Hanna’s will again be packed with ladies out to enjoy themselves while they support others in need locally, Which is really what Sexsmith had in mind when she launched lots of money,ever wondered more than a decade ago.

    “I hope the attendees have a thrilling time, recounted Sexsmith. “I also hope they get some awareness of the charities and the work they do. And it all depends on awareness.

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