Civic Tech Toronto hacknight presentation with William Wolfe-Wylie

Hacknight #94 with William Wolfe-Wylie

Presenter: William Wolfe-Wylie (@wolfewylie) William is a developer at CBC News where he builds public- and journalist-facing tools to help tell stories and gather data. William will demo a scraper and API endpoint built to track Toronto homeless shelter usage when the City of Toronto declined to provide regular historical data. Attendance: 60 hackers! Breakout[…]

Matt Elliott presenting at Civic Tech

Hacknight #93 with Matt Elliott

Presenter: (@GraphicMatt) is the city columnist with Metro News Toronto. He’s been writing about budgets, policy and city hall shenanigans since since 2011. Matt will tell the story of his CITY COUNCIL SCORECARD, a successful data-driven attempt to hold city councillors accountable with a very large, very nerdy spreadsheet during the tumultuous times of Mayor[…]

Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith presenting at CivicTech for OACToronto

Hacknight #92 with Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith

Presenters: Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith from Open Architecture Collaborative Toronto (@OACToronto) The Open Architecture Collaborative‘s mission is to look at the long-term (slow) disasters — such as homelessness, displacement, and gentrification — which architecture/design created; and how can we address these problems within our communities. Creating sustainable solutions that connect with our stakeholders’ identities,[…]

Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal presenting for CivicTech Toronto

Hacknight #91 with Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal

Presenters: Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal (@losttimemedia) The World in Ten Blocks is an interactive web documentary that explores the diversity of Bloorcourt through the stories of its immigrant small business owners and was launched online with The Globe and Mail in November 2016. The creators will present a walk-through of their project and discuss[…]

Hacknight #90 with Terri Chu & Alison Uttley

Presenters: Terri Chu (@TerriChu) & Alison Uttley (@AlisonUttley) from Why Should I Care? (@WSIC_Canada) “Why Should I Care?” hosts free monthly events to interest the community (particularly young people) in issues pertaining to public policy. As JFK famously said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”. WSIC’s mission is[…]