Hacknight #131 – with CodeAcross Challenge Previews

Date: February 27, 2018 Venue: Rangle.io Presenters: Code Across Toronto Team Presenting: Presented CodeAcross Toronto Challenges as part of  Civic Tech Toronto’s yearly hackathon! Hosted in partnership with the Toronto Public Library on Open Data Day on March 3rd, 2018. Video:   Announcements: Civic Tech Organizing Volunteers We need volunteers to help Civic Tech run! Emcee! Run the live[…]

Hacknight #130 – with Ben Dachis

Date: February 20, 2018 Venue: Rangle.io Presenter: Ben Dachis, Associate Director, Research at C.D. Howe Institute Presenting: Ben gave a presentation on the importance of budgets and end-of-year financial statements in municipal policy. Video: Slides: Omg I now know what accrual accounting is and it's ACTUALLY pretty interesting and important…! Thanks Ben Dachis and @CDHoweInstitute! #civictechto #topoli pic.twitter.com/76BcpujhM6 —[…]

Hacknight #129 – with Project Night

Date: February 14, 2018 Venue: Rangle.io Project Night – no presentation. Teams were able to work on their respective projects.   Project Night @rangleio ! I spy some Thai food aaaand…CT101, Bike Space, Law & Design group, @budgetpedia , @womenandcolor, OpenGov, Code Across, Shelter Map, Chalmer's Card (public resources), TTC Dashboard pic.twitter.com/UjuzQXL4VV — Civic Tech Toronto (@CivicTechTO) February[…]

Hacknight #128 – with Chris Kelly

Date: February 6, 2018 Venue: Rangle.io Presenter: Chris Kelly from Carrot Rewards Chris Kelly is the Vice President of Technology at the popular Canadian health and wellness app, Carrot Rewards. In just 2017, Carrots user-base grew from 100,000 users to over 600,000. Presenting: Chris shared insights about Carrot’s amazing startup journey as well as the tools they used along[…]

Hacknight #126 – with David Rubinger

Date: January 23, 2018 Venue: McKinsey & Company Presenter: David is a collaborator with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship and a data scientist at Toronto based tech company Polar, where he leads and executes the organization’s data analysis and statistical learning projects. Presentation: David discussed key insights from a recent report from the Brookfield Institute,[…]

Hacknight #125 – with Benjamin McNamee

Date: January 16, 2018 Venue: McKinsey & Company Presenter: Ben McNamee is the Director of Measurement, Evaluation, and Business Intelligence at the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Ben oversees the Foundation’s business intelligence, impact measurement, program evaluation, and Open Data strategies. Presenting: Ben spoke about his work building a data culture at Ontario Trillium Foundation. He touched on the recent launch[…]

Hacknight #123 with BikeSpace Project

Date: January 2, 2018 Venue: McKinsey & Company Presenter: BikeSpace Project Team Presentation: The BikeSpace Project team shared an update on their work so far and the ways in which they’re using civic tech to work with the community and stakeholders to develop better biking infrastructure. Highlights: The idea for the project was sparked by exploring how civic tech[…]

Hacknight #120 with Chloe Doesburg and Dan Pronovost

Presenters: Chloe Doesburg and Dan Pronovost Presenting: Driftscape (http://www.driftscape.com/) is an app that transforms your city into a living museum. You can learn about where you are, on your own schedule, from diverse local experts. The presentation showcased the Driftscape platform which enables local organizations to share site-specific arts, culture and history content. Driftscape believes[…]

Hacknight #119 with Anil Patel

Presenter: Anil Patel, Co-founder and managing partner at GrantBook. He is passionate about open data and leading the drive to digitize philanthropy Presenting: Anil spoke about some of the trends GrantBook has seen in the nonprofit tech space, particularly around having an API first strategy, and the changing nature of work creating an increasing demand for[…]

Hacknight #118 with Afraj Gill

Presenter: Afraj Gill is a technology entrepreneur and community advocate based in Toronto. He is currently the Vice-President of Business Development & Government Affairs at Dropbike, a venture-backed smart bike-sharing company. Under Afraj’s leadership, Dropbike has entered multiple markets in under 6 months and also became the first smart bike sharing company in North America to[…]

Hacknight #117 with Dr. Ryan Doherty

Presenter: Dr. Ryan Doherty, President & Founder of http://iamsick.ca (http://twitter.com/iamsick_ca). Presenting: Ryan is a strong proponent of open data, co-design and partnerships to accelerate innovation and improve our healthcare system. iamsick.ca is a healthcare engagement platform consisting of a fully integrated website and mobile app with a powerful backend. Designed with a system-wide & patient-centered lens, iamsick.ca[…]

Hacknight #116 with Jill Crumb and Sylvie Spraakman

Presenters: Jill Crumb and Sylvie Spraakman from Cyanosleuth Presenting: Blue Drinks Toronto and Civic Tech Toronto (http://civictech.ca/) are teaming up to share ideas as part of Ontario Water Innovation Week (https://www.waterinnovationweek.com/). Lake Erie currently experiences regular cyanobacteria blooms, and citizens don’t know whether or not these blooms are toxic. Jill Crumb and Sylvie Spraakman discussed Cyanosleuth, a[…]