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Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 4

Third hacknight! 11 participants!

Presenter: Howard Tam

Breakout groups:

  • [idea] Online database of accessibility of private venues – Rachel
  • [challenge] Making sense of Toronto city budget – Henrik
  • [idea] ON legislation tracker – Amanda

3 thoughts on “Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 4”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Accessibility
    Participants: Henrik Bechmann, Matthew Gray

    The objective was to start the process of evaluating, for impact and scope, the seven project focus options that had been generated during the previous workgroup session. This would provide the basis for selecting a project, and for archiving remaining worthy candidates to a backlog. To achieve this, I suggested applying the impact mapping process – asking four questions of each option: Why? Who? How? What? The first three provide impact, and the last provides scope.

    We had a wide ranging exploratory discussion of the existing options, and in the process added an eighth option:

    8. bureaucracy hacks
    consider cultural comparisons to European models, and look at European hacks, to compare compliance-based and value-based management approaches

    As item 5, the budget taxonomy, seemed one of the more achievable options, we started the evaluation process there, creating a preliminary set of goals, and creating a preliminary set of audiences (the “Why” and the “Who” of impact mapping).

    We also identified a general background task:

    review local budget explainer material, and usage of material in public consultations
    examples: toronto star budget explainers; city of toronto material

    See – the Project Focus Options section – for details

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