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Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 18

Fifth hacknight!

Presenter: Michael Lenczner (@mlenc)

{video to come}

58 thoughts on “Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 18”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Engagement
    Participants: Henrik Bechmann, Matthew Gray, Asher Zafar, Keith Branigan

    We reviewed the new Github repository tools (
    – the repository itself for resources (documents and source code) with guides
    – the issues (task) list manager
    – the wiki for planning material

    Team members were added as collaborators to the repo.

    We had a strategic discussion:
    – focus on portal creation, consistent with the general information accessibility mandate, in two main parts – education and reference material on the budget, and participation information regarding the budget process and how to get involved. The portal is a general container for projects, and therefore components can be added in small, manageable increments.
    – general sequence: complete environment scan for budget explainer examples; consolidate our list of options; apply impact mapping on these options; bring in domain experts to help us review these options (possibly in September); select a project; enter a project development phase. Current target is to have something impactful and helpful available for the 2017 budget cycle in the fall of 2016
    – add “facilitate negotiation between local actors and budget decision-makers” as part of the mandate

    The team will add planning material from various sources to the github wiki for the next meeting.

    The next meeting will be devoted to bearing down on impact mapping of existing options.

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