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Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 25

Sixth hacknight! 21 participants!

Presenter: Kevin Branigan (@kbranigan)

Breakout groups:

  • Toronto budget accessibility – Henrik
  • Safe route bicycle trip planner – Xu Fei
  • Digital solutions lab advice – Chloe

(Look here shortly for their notes from the session)


292 thoughts on “Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: August 25”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Accessibility
    Participants: Henrik Bechmann, Matthew Gray, Curtis McCord, Ryan Bigge, Andrew Do, Andy ?

    We had an in-depth discussion about barriers and opportunities regarding participation in the Toronto budget process. Certain key ideas kept coming up: clarity (through abstractions, common terminology, visualizations for instance), context (comparisons to provide insight into priorities and meaning in relation to ‘value’ goals), and culture (connecting offerings to user interests).

    Good direction, but we agreed that much work needs to be done to hammer those ideas into a concrete design. To prepare for that, we hope to be able to come to a general decision about a product to build in September.

    For details, see

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