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Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight: September 1

Seventh hacknight — 11 participants.

Presenter: Chloe-Marie Brown (@chlobotXO): Community Solutions Lab. Slides and video below:


Breakout groups:

  • Toronto Budget Accessibility – Henrik
  • Tabs on Toronto – Bill


1 thought on “Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight: September 1”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Project
    Participants: Henrik Bechmann, Emily Fan, David Dou

    We discussed the potential for identifying benefits of this project to the City, and that engaging City staff in our discussion would be a good way to surface these benefits. Plans to do that are underway.

    I proposed that having a self-organized ‘user group’ to provide active and ongoing feedback to the project planning, and the active development phase when that materializes, would have huge benefits in keeping the process on track, realistic, and useful. The user group would ideally have representatives from key interested parties, including neighbourhood groups, interest groups, concerned citizens, and government staff.

    I further proposed that based on an initial exploration of where the project is heading, the project would greatly benefit from specific and ongoing data fed through (presumably) Toronto’s Open Data portal. Plans to discuss this with city staff are also underway, as part of the above stream of identifying benefits to the City.

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