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Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight: October 13

Thirteenth hacknight – 18 participants


Things to check out:

November sprint:

  • We will be having a project sprint!
  • Members are welcome to initiate and complete short and sweet projects within the month of November
  • Larger, ongoing CivicTechTO projects are encouraged to meet a specific milestone during the month
  • After the sprint, there will be a social! Woohoo! Stay tuned for details…

Breakout groups:

  • City Council Member and Candidate Profiler – Toronto Green Party / Alan Kasperski
  • Toronto Budget Project – Henrik Bechmann
  • Scraping orders-in-council – Alex Lougheed

Thanks to Design Cofounders for hosting us, and to ThoughtWorks for dinner!


2 thoughts on “Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight: October 13”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Project
    Participants: Elena Mahno, Asher Zafar, Andi Argast, Hanifa, Howard Tam, Henrik Bechmann

    We had a planning session for the upcoming User Workshop, Nov 10, to provide the Workgroup with guidance as to which website portal development project to start with. Invitation letter prepared, including objectives for the session, and a good start at workshop detail planning. Next week more workshop detail planning.

  2. After Civic Tech 101 a few of us had a chat about some small-scale projects that we could build by the end of November. A few ideas:

    – Alan K presented an idea to create a website that would allow people to see how councillors voted on the issues that matter to them
    – A scraper/notifier for development applications (inspired by TABS Toronto)
    – A Twitter bot tracking and announcing new/updated open datasets (city/province)

    Emily suggested (and many agreed) that it’d be good to create a simple interface to make it easy for people to find and contact their councillor.

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