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Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: Nov 10

Seventeenth hacknight – 29 participants.

Breakout groups:

  • Toronto budget workgroup workshop! – Henrik, Emily, Howard
  • Timebank – Dorothy
  • Community reciprocity app – Alex
  • Toronto planning application scraper / openorders – Gabe, Abby

2 thoughts on “Civic Tech Toronto hacknight: Nov 10”

  1. Toronto planning application scraper group (with Open Orders group)
    Participants: Gabe, Josh, Abby

    – We finished the parser, updated the DB schema, and are now inserting records into the database!
    – We use REPLACE INTO to save just the newest versions of records.
    – We noticed some inconsistencies in the ward associated with records, so we added a manual column for ward.
    – That introduced a new bug — once we fix that, we can set up a daily cron job, then start doing QA and running queries.
    – (Our goal was to complete this project by the end of November, but we’ve got 99% functionality complete, and it’s only Nov 10!)


  2. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Project
    Participants: 22! organized by Emily Fan and Howard Tam

    The workshop consultation was a great success, with rich insights offered by all.

    We’ve captured minutes, sub-group notes and presentations, and will analyze those, and incorporate them into our planning going forward.

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