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Hacknight #33: Mar 15 – Alonzo Bartley

Thirty-third hacknight – 52 participants.

Presenter: Alonzo Bartley.

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101: Alex (and sandwiches)
  • Toronto Budget: Henrik
  • Councilmatic: Patcon
  • Experiential design in cities: Vicki
  • Refugees Welcome: Derahkshan
  • Liberating historical election data: Peter
  • The Artful City initiative: Ilana
  • Mental health service accessibility in Toronto: Mark



1 thought on “Hacknight #33: Mar 15 – Alonzo Bartley”

  1. Workgroup: Toronto Budget Project

    Attending: Henrik, Greg, Reema, Sarah.

    We mainly discussed the Budget Roadmap. The issues identified were:
    1. Budget events are not in one place and it’s difficult to get complete information (though Hanifa seems to have done an impressive job so far)
    2. Key contacts are hard to determine as well as agendas and minutes, though for public meetings these are available on the City meeting website
    3. How to connect specific issues/causes to the relevant events and people, for example if you are interested in transit or the police budget. The key being what are the points of influence in the process?

    From discussions so far it seems that the main audience for this part of the project will be activists with specific interests, possibly lobbyists as well.

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