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Hacknight #46: June 14th – Andy Best from the City of Guelph

Forty-sixth hacknight – 45 participants.

Presenter: Andy Best from the City of Guelph

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101: Irene
  • Project Neutral: Jamie
  • Councilmatic (development): patcon
  • Councilmatic (UX): Gabe
  • Mapping and visualizing Ontario election data: Peter
  • Chat with Andy Best: Andy!

Thanks to ELN for co-hosting!

1 thought on “Hacknight #46: June 14th – Andy Best from the City of Guelph”

  1. Breakout group: Councilmatic Toronto / User experience

    how to do user testing?
    how to launch it?

    User groups:
    1) People who do business with the City
    2) Community groups
    3) City staff
    4) Journalists

    Channels for getting the word out: #topoli, press gallery
    Councillors who might support this: Cressy, Layton, Ainslie, Matlow, Thompson,
    Be clear that “This is all information from the City of Toronto”

    This might be most valuable for people who aren’t currently in the city hall “bubble” — people who don’t normally look up info about what’s happening at City Hall.
    People who may not know who their councillor is, but care about a few specific issues.
    Like Uber: it’s hard to find what’s relevant there.
    Will users know what to search for? Uber? Weed dispensaries?
    We’ll have an auto-thesaurus.
    We could keep an eye out for what people are searching for.

    It’d be handy to be able to see how councillors voted, where they stand on certain issues.
    Cool feature: a link to sign up for councillors’ newsletters. And link to newsletter archive.
    Of course, links to their twitter and website.
    Links to ward profiles.

    A page that explains the general flow of items:
    committee -> council (pass/fail) -> sometimes back to committee

    Idea: let volunteers post a summary of an issue
    Idea: it’d be awesome to have timecodes to link it straight to video
    Idea: make an annotation tool for the scoobies (council nerds) can tag timecodes
    Idea: style feed, integrating their tweets, mentions in news articles
    Idea: show tweets on popular hashtags: #tocouncil, #excomm (executive committee)
    Idea: a service to create a calendar of councillor meetings, town halls, etc.
    Idea: Make the home page as helpful as possible.
    – FAQs. What’s Councilmatic? What does City Council do?
    – Like the first time you log into Gmail.
    – People who know what they want can zoom past the basics.
    – Friendly!
    – What do the different committees do?
    – Who gets to be a councillor?
    Idea: list most popular pages, search terms, etc.

    Gabe will start a Slack channel: proj-councilmatic-ux

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