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Hacknight #54: Jolene Cushman

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Fifty-fourth hacknight; 55 participants.

Presenter: Jolene Cushman, Toronto Environmental Alliance

{video to come}

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101: Gabe
  • Poverty Reduction Hackathon: Andi
  • Mapping cycling infrastructure: Raphael
  • Solving the problem of open data formats: Chinmay
  • Toronto Mesh Project: Udit {preparing for node building workshop}
  • FOI archive: Leon {looking for UX help!}
  • City of Brains: Mark {design, transcribing, brains}
  • Police Complaints on Carding (PCOC): Zakaria {outreach & organizing}
  • Mapping healthcare needs and availability: Oliver {mapping, learning}

Thanks to InterAccess for hosting us!

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