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Hacknight #65: Vasiliki Bednar

Sixty-fifth hacknight; 52 participants.

Presenter: Vasiliki Bednar

Presentation PDF

Video to come

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Elena) <- go here if it’s your first time at CTTO!
  • Philanthropy 101 (Ada) <- Developers required
  • City of Brains (Mark) <- How people find mental health services. Looking for designers and coders
  • Budgetpedia (Henrik) <- Content contributors, social media
  • Youth Employment Challenge (Lia) <- how to participate
  • TPL Booking System (Lina) <- Discussion on MVP
  • Employment Challenge Idea 1 (Sharon) <- make something happen
  • Councilmatic? (Patrick) <- UX/UI


Thanks to  for hosting us!

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