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Hacknight #66: Margaret Lam

Sixty-sixth hacknight: 37 participants.

Presenter: Margaret Lam

Presentation PDF

Video to come

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Elena) <- go here if it’s your first time at CTTO!
  • Polis (Pat) – Machine learning tool for multi-party consultations {UX and UI, design, municipal level consultations experts}
  • BudgetPedia (Jon) – finalizing the open budget data project before Nov 29 launch {writers, communications}
  • Open Democracy Kit (Chris) – election campaign kit {data entry}
  • Uncovering Hidden Jobs (Sharon) – application to find and expose hidden jobs *for the Youth Employment Challenge* {developers, designers, researchers}
  • Bike Lane Shaming (Raphael) – website for cyclists to upload pics and geotag bike lane obstructions


Thanks to TunnelBear for hosting us!

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