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Hacknight #72 – Youth Employment Challenge Presentations

Seventy-third hacknight: 62 participants


Bridge: Philippa French, Jane Zhang

Employer-Employee Vouching Authenticity Platform: Jonathan Mikhail Paul Weitzmann, Sharon Kennedy, Doug Creighton

EmployME: Michelle Lee, Sonal Ranjit, Alex Chen, Andrew Do, Mackenzie Nichols

Bridge presentation slides
Employer-Employee Vouching Authenticity Platform presentation slides
EmployME presentation slides

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Sharon) ← go here if it’s your first time!
  • Guerilla Archiving (Matt) ← people to help with scoping the tech part
  • Toronto Community Networks (Vidhi) ← user research/great ideas
  • (Derek) ← Feedback, communications
  • Ballot Changing Initiative (David) ← see what they have, great ideas
  • TPL Booking Tool (Lina) ← (we’re plugging away)
  • PCOC (Sharky) ← carding policy awareness
  • DemocracyKit (Riley) ← learning more
  • Budgetpedia (Chris) ← User Testing
  • Councilmatic (Gabe) ← Python developer; user testing




Thanks to HackerYou for hosting us!

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