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Hacknight #76 – Jean-Noe Landry from Open North

Seventy-fifth hacknight: 78 participants

Presenters: Jean-Noe Landry from Open North

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Kara) ← go here if it’s your first time!
  • Budgetpedia (Henrik) ← ux specialists! (there)
  • vKanata – (Derek) online public consultations
  • Guerrilla Archiving (Matt) ← monitoring phase. scraping workflow, and infra.
  • DemocracyKit (Katie) ← kit for municipal candidates. Compliance, resources, planning modules.
  • PCOC (Sharky) ← engagement related to racial profiling. Web devs.
  • TPL booking system (Louis) ← digital innovation hub booking system.
  • Councilmatic (Gabe) – monitoring city hall. Python devs, devops, user interview scripts.

Thanks to the University of Toronto School of Public Policy and Governance for hosting us!

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