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Hacknight #80 – Tris Lumley

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Eightieth hacknight; 65 participants.

Presenter: Tris Lumley (@trisml)

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Lia) ← go here if it’s your first time!
  • Guerrilla Archiving (Dawn) ← improving scrapers. App for in-person events.
  • Budgetpedia (Henrik, ← improving user experience, UI, user research, personas (ux)
  • City Of Brains (Mark, ← Mental health services map of Toronto
  • DemocracyKit (Marly) ← building resources for municipal campaigns.
  • Online Public Consultations (Derrick) ← Talking about data standards, etc.
  • Unnamed Project (Leon) ← Support for immigrants/refugees, planning stage
  • Toronto Community Networks (Vidhi) ← Feedback, information, etc.
  • Councilmatic (Gabe) ← Communicating city hall activity, next steps, UI/UX needed
  • First Citizens Data Portal (Patrick) ← Aggregation of data sets, conversations about city’s new portal, etc.
  • TPL booking system (Lina) ← Digital innovation hub booking tool.

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