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Hacknight #82 – U of T Innovation Hub

Ali Rodney, Julia Smeed and Tamsyn RiddleΒ – University of Toronto Innovation Hub

Video coming soon!

Innovation Hub presentation for CTTO

Attendance: 68 people

Breakout groups:

  • Civic Tech 101 (Alex) ← go here if it’s your first time!
  • vKanata (Derek) ← online public consultations, planning how to onboard new people
  • Toronto Mesh ← community wifi network, looking for organizers, developers
  • Budetpedia (Henrik) ← Make budget more accessible, looking for city staff, UX folks
  • Guerrilla Archiving (Dawn) ← archiving at-risk US data, need documentation and security folks, people with experience in distributed development
  • DemocracyKit (Chris) ← build resource kit for local candidates, need help gathering data
  • PCOC (Sharky) ← provide understanding about carding, need graphic designers, data viz
  • Tracking TTC vehicles (Raph) ← developing political will to fix transit need python!
  • Dashboarding traffic performance (Raph) ← looking for people who are interested
  • Hacking the state of the nation (Ariel, Darcy) ← creating webcrawler to identify sources of hate speech in Canada, need devs
  • Fake news project (Rafi) ← CMS folks (drupal)
  • TPL booking project (Lina) ← looking for people with experience accessing the innovation hub

Thanks to ShopifyΒ for hosting us!

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