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Hacknight #85 – Amy Swenson and Ebony Sager from Ontario Budget Talks

Amy Swenson and Ebony Sager speaking about Ontario Budget Talks

Video coming soon!

Attendance: 54

Breakout groups:

  • Budgetpedia (Jim) ← Make budget more accessible, looking for developers
  • DemocracyKit (Chris) ← build resource kit for local candidates, help with data sets
  • TOMesh (Jon) – demo on how to use Markdown & Github <- interested
  • The Carded/PCOC (Sharky) – carding/racial profiling – graphics & Illustrators
  • London CivicTech (Merlin) – help with launching CivicTech London
  • Travel Times CodeAcross Project (Bo) ← Engage citizens with transportation data –  interested folks
  • Tracking TTC vehicles (Raphael) ← developing political will to fix transit, SQL/Python folks wanting to work with transit data

Thanks to Shopify for hosting us!

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