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Hacknight #87 with John Richardson from Ethelo

Presentation: [link]


John Richardson is the founder and CEO of Ethelo, an online platform for group decision-making.  Ethelo is powered by a powerful algorithm that has been described by the Canadian federal government as “a new benchmark of state of art that is clearly ahead of competitors.” Ethelo is also a social enterprise, with a mandate to advance new forms of digital democracy and public engagement.

John speaking about opportunities to use Ethelo to engage citizens in creating mandates for public policy change 

Attendance: 73 hackers

Breakout groups:

Project Lead Description Needs
Civic Tech 101 Alex Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Rod Make the city’s budget more accessible and easier to understand UI / Frontend / React
DemocracyKit Scarlet Online resource kit to facilitate government campaign runs Team site / content
vKanata Derek Influence decision-making / consultations Lots of people
TTC Tracker / Coaxis? Raphael Performance metrics, political will Node / React
Guerilla Archiving Matt Preserving government datasets in peril Tools / Technical things
Map Warbird Erie View map data / NYC Project offshoot Ruby on Rails
Ethelo John Ethical decision-making platform Project Ideas
Data 102 Brianna & Cindy Data analytics workshop / Titanic survivor dataset

Thanks to Myplanet for hosting us!

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