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Hacknight #88 with Justin Bull from

Justin Bull (@f3ndot) at (@dooredCA) talked about how the project came to be, how it resulted in a media buzz, influenced policy, and garnered civic action. Justin is a security enthusiast, cycling nutbar and software engineer at Wealthsimple. He created and MyBikeLane projects to advocate for Toronto cycling.

Justin Bull from

Attendance: 49 hackers!

Breakout groups:


Project Lead Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Sharon Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Rod Make the city’s budget more accessible, easier to understand – Need UI / Frontend / React
DemocracyKit Scarlet Online resource kit to facilitate government campaign runs – Need site / content people
Guerilla Archiving Dawn Preserving government datasets in peril – Need tools / technical things



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