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Hacknight #89 with Karen Louise Smith

Presenter: Karen Louise Smith (@smithisgeneric)

Karen introduced Arnstein’s ladder of participation for citizen involvement to the civic tech community. As part of a co-design-inspired research workshop, Karen asked the Civic Tech Toronto community to share stories of participation relevant to open data, hackathons and civic technology and to map them to the ladder.

Karen is an Assistant Professor in Communication, Popular Culture & Film at Brock University. Her research explores values such as openness and participation in our digital lives.

Further information on Karen’s plans for a co-design research workshop with Civic Tech Toronto is available here

Attendance: 44 hackers!

Breakout Groups

Project Lead Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Alex Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Arthur Make the city’s budget more accessible, easier to understand – Need UI / Frontend / React
Guerilla Archiving Dawn Preserving government datasets in peril – Need tools / technical things
Data 102 Brianna Learning R for beginners
#thecarded Sharky Carding, rights, government failures, call to action
Participation Stories Karen Continuation of presentation
Parkdale Economic Group Olga Job sourcing, mentorship, etc. Looking for tech help.

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