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Hacknight #90 with Terri Chu & Alison Uttley

Presenters: Terri Chu (@TerriChu) & Alison Uttley (@AlisonUttley) from Why Should I Care? (@WSIC_Canada)

“Why Should I Care?” hosts free monthly events to interest the community (particularly young people) in issues pertaining to public policy. As JFK famously said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”. WSIC’s mission is to make pertinent issues interesting, and educate voters in hope of raising the level of political discourse.

Attendance: 65 hackers!

Breakout Groups

Project Lead Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Maju Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Henrik Make the city’s budget more accessible, easier to understand – Need UI / Frontend / React
DemocracyKit Alexia Online resource kit to facilitate government campaign runs – Future planning/discussion
Guerilla Archiving Dawn Preserving government datasets in peril – Need tools / technical things
City Transportation Raphael TTC tracking / scraping / data manipulation – Need SQL / web
Carding / Regulated Interactions Sharky Issues related to carding / racial profiling, make legislation and policies more digestible
Parkdale Urban Planning Mercedes Community economic development initiative – housing, etc – Need user-driven design, platform prototyping
Data 102 Brianna Judgement-free space to learn data / R

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