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Hacknight #91 with Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal

Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal presenting for CivicTech Toronto

Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal presenting for CivicTech Toronto

Presenters: Marc Francoeur & Robinder Uppal (@losttimemedia)

The World in Ten Blocks is an interactive web documentary that explores the diversity of Bloorcourt through the stories of its immigrant small business owners and was launched online with The Globe and Mail in November 2016. The creators will present a walk-through of their project and discuss the process of taking a DIY interactive documentary from concept to release.

Marc Serpa Francoeur and Robinder Uppal are documentary filmmakers and interactive producers whose current work builds on lifelong interests in immigration and diversity issues. They both hold MFAs in Documentary Media from Ryerson University, where The World in Ten Blocks began as their thesis work.

Attendance: 64 hackers!

Breakout Groups

Project Lead Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Maju Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Henrik Make the city’s budget more accessible, easier to understand – Chat night!
DemocracyKit Alexia Online resource kit to facilitate government campaign runs – Future planning/discussion
Guerilla Archiving Patcon Preserving government datasets in peril – Need tools / scrapers / Go developers
City Transportation Raphael TTC tracking / scraping / data manipulation / perf dashboard – Need SQL / web
Parkdale Urban Planning Mercedes Community economic development initiative – housing, etc – Need user-driven design, platform prototyping
Data 102 Cindy Judgement-free space to learn data / R
Website Life Buoy Jon Upping web game / feedback on website
Why Should I Care? Terri 4-5 years of video archives / tech to make it accessible
The World In Ten Blocks Marc + Robinder Discussion of The World In Ten Blocks

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