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Hacknight #104 with Benjamin Shahin

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Hacknight #104 with Benjamin Shahin

Presenter: Benjamin Shahin, The Human Network

Hacknight #104 with Benjamin Shahin

The Human Network is a blockchain based political social network which empowers people to change government policy. It utilizes location-based polling, debate, petitioning and mobilization to give citizens all the tools they need to have their voice heard and create impactful change in the world around them.

Ben’s bio: I did my BA in Corporate Social Responsibility and Law at York, my MA in Politics of Conflict in Israel. I served in the military there for 3 years and that is also where I entered the startup scene. I see violence as the least appealing solution to conflict and that is why I am creating this platform.

Attendance: 52 hackers!

Breakout Groups


Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Luke Come here if it’s your first time!!!!
Women & Color Mohammed Build backend & frontend for scalability; developers needed
Democracy Kit Katie & Riley Working on Webinars on canvas & phone data; communication & fundraising; mobile canvassing
Wild Combination Mark Help build & validate scenario deck for Toronto
Design Jam Chat Howard Talk about sharing assets with social enterprises;  Make open data shareable
Bike Parking Gabe Crowdsource bike parking; show & tell – need design help
Budgetpedia Arthur Analyzing budget Sharky Learn more; stop carding
TTC Subway Tracker Raphael Build a better understanding of transportation quality
Data 102 Sandy Self-driven learning re: coding
Guerilla Archiving Patrick Archiving gov’t data; onboarding materials; node.js, ruby,

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