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Hacknight #105 with Tristen Brown

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Presenter: Tristen Brown (@fallsemo), Designer & Developer at Mapbox

Mapbox is a mapping platform used for many use cases. Tristen will walk through some relevant ones to civic tech: from new interactive techniques for visualizing geospatial information to the tools that create them.

Tristen is a developer & designer on Mapbox Studio, a suite of cartography tools for creating digital maps. He is also a musician and proud resident of Toronto.

Breakout groups


Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Luke Come here if it’s your first time!!!!
Bike Parking Sharly Build bike parking app; Developer, UX, UI & Policy
Women & Color Mohammed Website/CMS – developers & interested to help find speakers on tech
TTC Performance Raphael Using open data to show subway performance;
Wild Combination Mark Rapid Ideation card deck; stories or ideas to contribute to card deck
Democracy Kit Katie Online platform for election support; webinars on running a campaign
Budgetpedia Arthur Municipal/Toronto budget – basic research skills
Data 102 Cindy Self-Directed Coding
Change monitoring project Patrick Pipeline to monitor changes to gov’t websites;  Ruby, Javascript, Python developers or interested in project

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