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Hacknight #108 with Binh Lu, Matthew Clarke and Kristie Pratt

Attendance: 60 civic hackers

Presenters: Binh Lu, Matthew Clarke and Kristie Pratt

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development is investigating innovative ways to build data literacy and data confidence within our organization. We imagine (and have experienced!) that people in analytic roles spend a lot of time helping out non-data-minded colleagues to navigate problems that take time away from analytic work. We are interested in your thoughts on how we can build a program and what tools we would need to increase data literacy and confidence for policy analysts, program analysts and administrative staff.

Breakout Groups

Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101

Workshop Prep

ON Advance Ed.

Women & Color


Civic Tech 102

Democracy Kit

Biking  Project

The Carded










Come here if it’s your first time!!!!  – across the hall

Preparing next week’s workshop on crowdsource mapping

Digital literacy ideation

Developers and people interested in initiative


Python independent learning


Looking for a new name

Interested in initiative


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