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Hacknight #111 with Yvan Baker

Attendance: 74 civic hackers

Presenters: MPP Yvan Baker

MPP Yvan Baker shows how government is driving fairness and openness in Ontario through some illustrative examples. MPP Baker is Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister Responsible for Digital Government and to the Minister of Finance.

Breakout Groups

Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Luke Come here if it’s your first time!!!!
Woman & Color

Open Gov



Developers  and those interested in marketing and outreach

OPS – interested in  engaging with gov, researchers and organizers

Budgetpedia Arthur Researchers and people interested in budgets
Biking  Project Sumal Designers, developers, programmers, policy people

Rapid Ideation






Planners or been to a campaign school

Come test out card game

Learn and talk and share carding and street check policy

Consultation and consensus process, discussion group

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