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Hacknight #123 with BikeSpace Project

Date: January 2, 2018

Venue: McKinsey & Company

Presenter: BikeSpace Project Team

Presentation: The BikeSpace Project team shared an update on their work so far and the ways in which they’re using civic tech to work with the community and stakeholders to develop better biking infrastructure.


  • The idea for the project was sparked by exploring how civic tech can make an impact on bike infrastructure, which caught the attention of a variety of volunteers and stakeholders.
  • The Development team fostered an environment of inclusivity, learning, and use of use.
  • The Design component shared how they not only focused on the tools they use, but also how they design for the a large team.
  • Research for the project has been iterative and benefitted from the feedback from sharing early and across a range of audiences and stakeholders.
  • The ‘Completion Rate’ is the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) for the MVP (minimum viable product).
  • The ‘onboarding culture’ helps manage and adapt to the volunteer-based nature of the project.


Presentation Slides:

Breakout groups:

Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Andrew Come here if it’s your first time!!!!
Budgetpedia Arthur Feedback, Data analysis
Bike Parking Jake Team alignment on goals, research, UX, fun!
Democracy kit Avery Website builders
No Name Legal Project Avery User researchers, people with experience of the law
Women and Colour Erin Reviewing documentation and planning for launch.

Developers (javascript) to build website, social media and comms people to publicize the launch in 2018.


Speaking of Women and Colour, we were thrilled to see Metro have a front-page profile on the project! Article here.

Participants: 54

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