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Hacknight #124 with Jesse Coleman and Raphael Dumas

Date: January 9, 2018

Venue: McKinsey & Company

Presenter: Jesse Coleman is the lead of Toronto Transportation Services’ Big Data Innovation Team, and Raphael Dumas is a research analyst on the team. The team is focused and data science and analytics and was formed to leverage emerging data collection and analysis technologies to support and evaluate policies and programs to improve the user experience on city streets.


Presentation: The King Street Transit Pilot aims to improve the reliability, speed, and capacity of the King Streetcar, the City’s busiest surface transit route, by giving priority to streetcars over private vehicles. Jesse and Raphael presented audiences with how the Big Data and Innovation team can use new data collection and analysis technologies to enable a more rigorous and transparent evaluation of pilot projects in the city.


  • Some of the areas that the Big Data Innovation Team are focused on: practical and repeatable analysis of transportation data, emerging and underused data sources, open source software
  • King Street Pilot had a host of primary and secondary questions which guided the data collection and measurement efforts
  • Evolving data collection methods to include new technologies such as: GPS, permanent video-based counters, and bluetooth readers
  • Making dashboards public and open sourced to outside analysis for a more open and transparent pilot



Presentation Slides



Project Pitches:

Project Lead(s) Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Zaid If it’s your first time, please come. We want to meet you all.
CodeAcross 2018 Planning Alex Hackathon planning for Code Across 2018 on March 3 at TPL. Challenge wrangling tonight.
Bike Parking Jake Prepping MVP. Looking for: Developers, Designers, Researchers, Data Analysts, Communicators
TTC Subway Dashboard Project  Raphael  If we remind people about the good times with public transit, they might be happy?
Law and Design Team Avery Improving access, usability of legal information. Looking for: 
Women and Colour Erin Reviewing documentation and planning for launch entirely remotely in our slack channel #womenandcolor.

What we need: Developers (Javascript) to build the website, social media and comms people to publicize the launch in 2018


Participants: 82

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