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Hacknight #138 – with Women and Color

Two members of Women and Color present during a Civic Tech Toronto hacknight

Date: April 17, 2018

Venue: Secret Location

Attendance: 48

Presenter: Mohammed Asaduallah & Sharon Kennedy of Women and Color

Presenting: Women and Color is a community of talented women and people of colour who are available for speaking opportunities at tech-related events. The goal of the organization is to foster more and better representation of diverse voices in the tech industry. The website started out as a Toronto-specific WordPress site, and through the help of the Civic Tech community has been redeveloped as a custom web app that’s ready to scale to cities across North America.

Last week, Women and Color had its soft launch. Today, we’ll talk about some of the challenges we faced (and are still facing) and lessons we learned from the past year of volunteer-driven product development at Civic Tech.

Special shoutout to our contributors: Erin, Mark, Matt, Rose, Sarah, Eric, Maju, and everyone else who has supported us!




Announcements and Pitches:

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