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Civic Tech Toronto thrives due to the participation of its community. Click here for a list of community members  who make up Civic Tech Toronto.

Below is a list of our volunteer organizers. Please feel free to reach out to any of us at our weekly hacknights, on our slack channel (get your Slack invite here). You can also connect with the volunteers on our social channels below. Finally, you can always drop us a line at



First Name Last Name Slack Twitter LinkedIn
Avery Au @aau /avery-au
Henrik Bechmann @henrik @HenrikBechmann /henrikbechmann
Sharly Chan @sharlychan @SharlyChan /sharlychan
Alex Chen @alex. @alexaca79 /achen8
Hyerin Choi @choihyerin
Patrick Connolly @patcon @patconnolly /patrick-connolly-80071b25
David Cox @davidc @dav_idcox /dav-idcox
Andrew Do @ado @ADoAboutThings /adoaboutthings
Raphael Dumas @rdumas @DumasRaphael /dumasraphael
Marica Finchelstein @marica
Chris Graham @chgraham @chgraham
Meghan Hellstern @mhellstern @mhellstern /mhellstern
Zaid Khan @zaid_khan @zaid___khan /zaidkhan1987
Lia  Milito  @lia @liabadia /liamilito
Irene Quarcoo @iq @iquarcoo /irenequarcoo
Sonal Ranjit @sonalr /sonalranjit
Gabe Sawhney @gabe @gggg /gabesawhney
Luke Simcoe @lukesim @code4luke /luke-simcoe-4919b3136
Shaquilla Singh @shaq /shaquillasingh
Anna Skrypnychenko @anuta /anuta-skrypnychenko
Mari Zhou @mari /marizhou


We also thank our past volunteer organizers for their help and contributions to strengthening the civic tech community.


First Name Last Name Slack Twitter LinkedIn
Medina Abdelkader @medina @medinaeve /medinaabdelkader
Mahmoud Allouch @mahmoud /mahmoudallouch
Kejo Buchanan @kejobuchanan @KejoBuchanan /kejobuchanan
Marc De Pape @marcdepape @marcdepape /marc-de-pape-8162028
Dorothy Eng @dotty @dorothy_eng /dorothyeng
Matthew Gray @mdhgray @mdhgray /matthewdhgray
Jonathan Kates @jonnyk12 @jonathan_kates /jonathankates
Alex Lougheed @alox @alox /alougheed
Linda Marleny Dow @lindamarleny @lindamarleny /lindamarlenydow
Sarah McNeil @sarahmcneil /sarahleamcneil
Kara Melton @kara /karamelton
Jonathan Mikhail @jmikhail /jonathanmikhail
Chinmay Patel @chinmay @chimptl /patelchinmay
Elena Potter @elena @elenacpotter /elenacpotter
Morva Rohani @morva /morvarohani
Maju Sadagopan @maju /maju-sadagopan-9a394277
Saqib Siddiqi @saqib
Howard Tam @howard /htamTO /howard-tam-8b0bbb25
James Teow @jaems /james-teow-245b0519
Bianca Wylie @bianca @biancawylie /biancawylie
Andy McIIwan @andymci @andymci
Emiy Fan @emilyjf @emilyjustinefan  /emilyjustinefan