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Hacknight #92 with Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith

Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith presenting at CivicTech for OACToronto

Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith presenting at CivicTech for OACToronto

Presenters: Sarita Parmar and Shanna-Kay Smith from Open Architecture Collaborative Toronto (@OACToronto)

The Open Architecture Collaborative‘s mission is to look at the long-term (slow) disasters — such as homelessness, displacement, and gentrification — which architecture/design created; and how can we address these problems within our communities. Creating sustainable solutions that connect with our stakeholders’ identities, desire, and values; meeting their needs in an innovative and socially responsible design.

Sarita Parmar recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Arts in Human Geography and American Studies before joining OACTo as a Project Management Assistant.

Shanna-Kay Smith graduated from The School of Interior Design at Ryerson Univerity; she is the Chapter Director, developing the strategy and objectives for Open Architecture Toronto.

Attendance: 86 hackers!

Breakout Groups

Project Lead Description / Needs
Civic Tech 101 Gabe Come here if it’s your first time!
Budgetpedia Henrik Make the city’s budget more accessible, easier to understand – CLOSED SESSION TONIGHT
DemocracyKit Alexia Online toolkit to facilitate municipal campaign runs – Future content sourcing / strategy
OpenArchitecture Facundo Residents needs data channel / discussion about project
Guerilla Archiving Patcon Preserving government datasets in peril – Need tools / scrapers / Go developers
Democratic Toronto Alan Strategies for incumbent advantage and other municipal political issues
City Transportation Raphael Citizen-science performance measurement  for TTC. Scraping/munging/dashboard – Need SQL / web
The Carded Sharky Program to create better explanations / transparency about new laws re: carding / profiling
Data 102 Brianna/Cindy Judgement-free space to learn data / R / visualization Rob Insights into problems with website
Why Should I Care? Terri Website updates / 4-5 years of video archives / tech to make it accessible

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